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A Warm Welcome. Kung Fu Martial Club is a unique martial arts club dedicated to the preservation of traditional Chinese martial arts. We provide a training facility for all that are interested in learning Southern Chinese Martial Arts. We have put a lot of effort and resources over the years in the development of our program.

SiuLam Weng Chun is a SOFT ART. It can be practiced by virtually anyone at any age. We have designed our program so that normal working people can learn easily and in a safe environment.

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SiuLam Weng Chun


Tang Yik Weng Chun (aka SiuLam Weng Chun) is a superior close-range martial art designed for street-level self-defense.  It is a traditional art with lots of history and deep theory.  Weng Chun with an "e" is not the same as Wing Chun with an "i."  Weng Chun with an "e" is much different in style and theoretical principles.  To some, the techniques may look similar to Wing Chun, but when details are revealed, it is very different.

Weng and Wing pronounced sounds very similar, but the character is totally different.  Weng Chun 永春 and Wing Chun 詠春 also have very different forms.  Weng Chun 永春 is the character for Eternal Spring, whereas Wing Chun is based on Chinese folklore of a woman believed to have passed the traditional Wing Chun to others.

Eternal Spring or Everlasting Spring Fist 永春拳 (aka Weng Chun Kuen), has its origins in Fei Lo Temple, a temple located just north of Tang village 橫溪村 of Foshan/Nan Hai 佛山/南海.


The style was previously a closed-door system not available to outsiders and still almost unknown to the Wing Chun world.


Weng Chun is not the same as the popular Yip Man Wing Chun we commonly see, and in many ways, it is superior.  It also answers many of the common dilemmas regarding Bong Sau and other common structural problems that are talked about sometimes within the Wing Chun community.  The forms are totally different in design and application to other styles focusing more on the Kiu Sau or Bridge of the arm.


Many of our members joining us are seasoned martial artists from many different backgrounds.  We welcome all, including those with no experience.

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Up and COMING Success Workshops

19 Jun 2021 - A CASE for KAIZEN.

Using small steps to achieve larger

objectives.  Setting a one month goal. 


26 Jun 2021 - VISUALIZATION TACTICS. Creating a clear pathway to success

with images.


3 July 2021 - LEADERSHIP.

Developing the talents to lead in yourself

and others.  Top performance by all.