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Sifu Brian Taylor Sarasota Wing Chun Sch

Master Instructor Brian Taylor Sifu

Siulam Weng Chun,

Tang Yik Lineage

Chen Taiji,

Head Instructor Founder

Brian Taylor began his Kung Fu training of traditional Kung Fu and Chen Tai Chi in 1993. He is the first US disciple of Master Zhu Baolin the eldest son of Chen Taiji Master Zhu Tiancai.


Taylor was the last Indoor private student of Master Vincent Tso (aka Fong Vincent Cho) a Master of the Southern SiuLam (aka Shaolin) Weng Chun passed down through Tang Yik. and is also currently studying Southern SiuLam (aka Shaolin) Weng Chun under Master Sunny in the style of Southern SiuLam (aka Shaolin) Weng Chun also passed down from Tang Yik.

Tang Yik Center
King of Weng Chun


Master Fong Vincent Tso

Tang Yik Weng Chun

Second generation student of GM Tang Yik. He moved from Hong Kong to USA in late 1960s to study and later settled down in LA. He continues to practice Tang family style since 1968 until present day.

Master Sunny So

Tang Yik Weng Chun / Weng Chun White Crane

Sifu So Chi Keung (Sunny So) the last closed door student of the late Grand Master Tang Yick

Master Zhu Baolin

Chen Tai Chi Master Instructor

Zhu BaoLin!  A native of ChenJiaGou, Wen County, Henan Province, is the eldest son of Chinese Taijiquan Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai, and a 20th generation inheritor of Chen’s Taijiquan.  Since childhood, he has practiced TaiJiQuan with his father.  Join us as he shares authentic Chen Village training on Silk Reeling exercises along with basic rooting, Qigong, and Old Frame Chen Form.

Ron Forzani

Life Coach, Tai Chi/Qigong Practitioner

Ron has joined the ranks of our teaching staff.  He will be sharing his high-energy approach to both martial arts and coaching.  Ron is fully qualified as a Qigong Instructor as well as a Certified Executive Coach.  After retiring from the corporate world, he achieved black belt status in ninjutsu and further developed his skills in painting and poetry.  He will be one of our instructors for the Qigong Success Workshop and assistant instructor in Tai Chi