Hung Gar Kuen 洪家拳

Gung Gee Fook Fu (Taming The Tiger)

Gung Gee Fook Fu 2-Man

(Long Pole) Ng Long Ba Gwa Gwan

Ng Long Ba Gwa Gwan - 2-Man

Hung Gar (洪家Hung Ga, 洪拳Hung Kuen, or 洪家拳Hung Ga Kuen) is a member of the family of Kung fu styles known as Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. The art was founded in the early Qing Dynasty in Fujian Province, China, by the tea merchant 洪熙官 Hung Hei Kwun, a lay student of the Fukien Shaolin Temple under the teaching of the Shaolin Abbot and one of the legendary Five Elders, Gee Sin Sim Si (至善禅師).

Hung Gar is a southern Shaolin Hard Gung Fu style. We offer Hung Gar as an optional addition to our SiuLam Weng Chun curriculum. Learning Hung Gar in addition to Weng Chun gives a practitioner a more rounded knowledge of southern kung fu. Hung Gar improves martial arts basics and develops physical strength, balance, flexibility, and focus.

SiuLam 50 Leg Method

A For of kicking developed from SiuLam Temple. We offer this to enhance the ability to understand long-range kicking and defense.

SiuLam Five Animal

Crane, Snake Tiger, Dragon, Leopard is a traditional Kung Fu set that we offer as optional training for those interested.