Chen Tai Chi (Taiji) Basics

The graceful images of people gliding through dance-like poses as they practice tai chi are compelling.  Simply watching them is relaxing.  Tai chi, in fact, is often described as "meditation in motion" because it promotes serenity through gentle movements — connecting the mind-body and deep breathing.  Tai Chi is an exercise that promotes health while providing a low-impact stress-free environment.

In this class, the student curriculum consists of learning the fundamentals of good body mechanics.  We present the lessons with easy clear explanations for the basics of silk reeling exercises and four-direction Tai Chi.



1.  Right & left Single Arm Silk Reeling

2.  Double Arm Silk Reeling

3.  Neutralizing Silk Reeling

4.  Opening & Closing Silk Reeling

5.  Diagonal Silk Reeling

6.  Vertical Silk Reeling


Beginning Taiji

1.  Buddha's Attendant Pounds Mortar

2.  Lazily Tying Coat

3.  Six Sealing and Four Closing

4.  Single Whip

5.  Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds

6.  Lazily Tying Coat

7.  Six Sealing and Four Closing

8.  Single Whip

9.  Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar

10.  Lazily Tying Coat

11.  Six Sealing and Four Closing

12.  Single Whip

13.  Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds

14.  Lazily Tying Coat

15.  Six Sealing and Four Closing

16.  Single Whip

17.  Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Ending Taiji

Lia Jia Yi Lu


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