Hey ACHIEVERS....Welcome!

You have signed on exactly the right time and exactly upon the right day. Are you searching for a great success? I know I am, how about you? Are you action orientated? Are you interested in a big win for yourself? Do you feel that you may be coachable? Do you realize that the power to achieve your desires, to get exactly what you want is within you. Then you are a great candidate for our -


"the Inner Circle of Achievers."

What is this group all about? Every Saturday morning at 10 AM our progressive goal setters, all like minded, meet at the Kung Fu Martial Club in Sarasota. We meet to provide a loving and supportive work space, where we all may pursue our life's dreams and desires. Some arrive with limiting beliefs, others with a lack of a winning strategy. Many will appreciate the positive environment where they will be enthusiastically assisted.

As a group we have the opportunity to embrace one another's needs in progressing towards their success in a friendly, respectful and informative manner.

Success NOW? Join NOW!

941. 315.4556

A program of the KUNG FU MARTIAL CLUB . 3663 Webber St. Sarasota FL 34232

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