Slow down? Are you kidding? The world would pass me by. I'd be a loser. Well maybe not. What if we took an extra moment, as we rush out the door each morning, to stop and say, "I love you." What might we gain?

Yeah, but time is money. Yes, but what if we took some time to carefully investigate how we invest our funds would that not be wise? Make us more prosperous?

I have to eat and run. What if we really looked at our plate of food. What if we took the time to smell and savor its' flavors. Enjoy each mouthful. Would we absorb better and fully benefit from our meals?

Think of the people who practice Tai Chi. They move in slow careful steps, building energy as they progress. Their tendons become more elastic, their bones stronger, their organs and cells efficient and their muscles are flexible and strong. Their minds are clear and focused.

Note: Chen Village Taiji is a great example of this great martial art

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