What is the Difference Between Yip Man Wing Chun & SiuLam Weng Chun

Updated: Jul 18

Yip Man Wing Chun and Siulam Weng Chun are different in too many ways. Firstly, the Chinese words are not the same characters. Also, no one knows where the original source of the Wing Chun (i) forms came from. There are many oral stories claiming slightly different sources. I believe the three hand forms Siu Lam Tao, Chum Q, and Biu Jee may have been created by the historical figure Dr. Leung Jan. It is believed by some that Dr. Leung Jan was a student of the Red Boat, but no one knows for sure. Maybe the Red Boat had both the Wing Chun and Weng Chun and taught both. Seems highly unluckily.

For this reason, the history is not clear, but you can look for proof in what we see today. Yip Man, Yuen Kay Suen and others are definitely practicing the same forms. There are slight differences but non the less they are the same. SiuLam Weng Chun forms are totally different from Yip Man forms even the concepts. For example, We do hot have the classic Chi Sau as demonstrated by all the Yip Man practitioners because WE DO NOT HAVE Bong Sau. Some SiuLam Weng Chun practitioners today are doing a modified version of Chi Sau which they added themselves from their previous Wing Chun training. We Do not have this. They are doing this because they do not have a full understand of SiuLam Weng Chun. They are trying to fill in missing gaps. This post is not about bashing Yip Man Wing Chun but to clarify the differences and the sources of those differences that are seen today.

We DO not Call the Dummy Forms, Heaven, Earth, or Man. This was made up by someone not to mention any names but starts with an (H). The only SiuLam forms from history are the Fung Siu Ching Red Boat Dummy and the Tang Family Dummy from Fai Lo Temple.

There is a third form now people are claiming is called "Man Form" but it was made up by someone in history and is much closer to Yip Man Stuff......

Just to note. Dr. Leung Jan was the teacher of Chan Wah Sun which the Yip Man family of practitioners has openly claimed was Yip Man's teacher. Of course Yip was 12 years old when he Passed away but that is another topic. When Yip Man moved to Hong Kong, he did not know the Dummy or Biu Jee. In fact, Yip Man went to Dai Dok Lan and took measurements of Tang Yik dummy so that he could build one for himself.

It is now believed that Yip Man made up his dummy form himself. We know that he meet with Tang Yik (King of Weng Chun as he was called) when he was in the Dai Dok Lan Market in Hong Kong. In the Dai Dok Lan Market in the basement there lies the original first dummy that came to Hong Kong. It is still there. There are videos of this now on You Tube. Tang Yik lived upstairs and worked in the Dai Dok Lan poultry Market . Tang Yik met regularly with other masters including Yip Man at this market to exchange ideas but Tang yik was very private with his family's martial arts. Tang Yik only had a few students in his lifetime. One of those students was my teacher Sifu Fong Vincent Cho, a second generation student of and master of Tang Yik Weng Chun.

To Be Continued

Brian Taylor Sifu

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